Igor Righetti is a professional journalist. He is a Professor of Journalism in Corporate Communication, Radio and TV Languages, Cross-media formats, Diction and Public Speaking and has been involved with numerous public and private Universities.

He also specialises in mass media and has worked as an essayist, author and presenter for various radio and tv programs and shows.
He has also worked as the press office director for the Istituto Poligrafico Zecca dello Stato and its affiliates, as well as the Italian branch of the Swedish multinational company, Ericsson. He was responsible for media liaison for Sony/Ericsson.

Igor Righetti con il suo fedele bassotto Byron

His performance style resembles that of an “American anchorman”.

Deeply innovative and original, he enjoys to experiment with every kind of communication medium.

He loves fusing and merging genres and styles.

Like his famous relative Alberto Sordi, he has become popular thanks to Radio via “Il ComuniCattivo”, a ground-breaking daily programme about the language of communication which has now been aired for 12 years on Radio Rai Uno (the most popular radio station in Italy).

Alberto Sordi himself taught him the secrets of his trade.

This radio programme covers many different types of media, including radio, tv, Internet, social media, mobile phone industry, press and publishing. 43 university students decided to base their graduation theses on “Il ComuniCattivo” and on Igor’s innovative work which he named “infotainment”, a combination of information and entertainment.

Igor Righetti’s work is aimed at the communication and information world: radio, TV, newspapers magazines, publishing companies, universities, courses for managers and executives who want to improve their communication skills, diction and public speaking.

He has also acted in some movies directed by Pupi Avati and in several TV fictional adaptations for Rai and Mediaset. He was the author and translator for the audiobook “MusiCattiva- La comunicazione fatta a pezzi” with the famous Italian popstar Donatella Rettore.


Igor Righetti has been running master and seminar courses on Journalism,Corporate Communication, Radio, TV Languages, Cross-media formats, Diction and Public Speaking in numerous public and private institutions and Universities (facoltà di Scienze della comunicazione dell’Università Sapienza di Roma, Scuola superiore di giornalismo della Luiss “Guido Carli” di Roma, Facoltà di Scienze politiche Università Luiss “Guido Carli” di Roma, Università Iulm, Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata, Ied-Istituto Europeo di Design, Scuola nazionale dell’Amministrazione della Presidenza del Consiglio dei ministri, Università degli studi di Palermo, Quality college del Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche – Cnr, Business school Il Sole24Ore, Campus Mediaset, Istituto di formazione per la pubblica amministrazione – Formez – Roma, Link Campus University di Roma, Business School Ateneo Impresa, Regione Siciliana). For the University of Udine he created the first course in Italy on “TV and Radio information in the cross-medial era through infotainment”. Igor Righetti’s innovative communication techniques and methods have been taught for more than 15 years in many Italian Universities.


Igor has created and conducted for 12 years on Rai RadioUno ”Il ComuniCattivo”, the first daily infotainment program about the importance of knowing how to communicate properly, interviewing more than 12000 important personalities.

Also on Radio 1 Rai, in 2004, in order to celebrate the first 80 years of the invention of the Radio, he created and presented the first international radio reality, “In radio veritas, la parola alla parola”, with the participation of more than 30 celebrities such as Mario Monicelli, Renzo Arbore, Giorgio Albertazzi, Domenico De Masi, Carlo Rossella, Giordano Bruno Guerri, Maria Venturi and Natalia Aspesi.

In 2009, on the occasion of the celebration of the first 100 years since Guglielmo Marconi received the Nobel prize, he conceived for the Divisione radiofonia della Rai, RadioUno Rai and Nuovi Talenti Rai a Talent show dedicated to those who love the medium of radio and want to become professional radio speakers, called “La radio è di parola” which has had 4 broadcasts so far.


Igor Righetti was Press office Director for the Istituto Poligrafico Zecca dello Stato and its affiliates and for the Italian branch of the swedish multinational company, Ericsson. He was also responsible for all media relations for Sony/Ericsson and headed up the the communication department for Pineider 1774 and Nazareno Gabrielli.

Outside of Italy, he was Press Office Director of Operations for the XXI Biennale internazionale of graphic arts of Lubiana.


Igor started his career as a journalist for the newspaper” La Nazione”, then worked for “La Stampa” (where he was in charge of the “Local culture and traditions” section for the Valle d’Aosta region). From there he moved on to “L’Indipendente”.

He also worked for the newspapers “Italia Oggi” (as the creator of the weekly column “ComunicAteneo”, which was focused on news and information about the university world) Milano Finanza, Il Sole 24 Ore and for the magazines La Repubblica Affari & Finanza, I viaggi di Repubblica, Panorama, Panorama Travel, Panorama Economy, Capital, Class, Max, Men’s Health, Archeo and Archeologia Viva.

From 1998 to 2000 He was the director of “Lettere – il mensile dell’Italia che scrive”, the first italian magazine dedicated to the art of writing.

Since May 2018 he has been the founder and director of the bi-monthly information, culture and entertainment show “Mese per Mese” and the online magazine “Mesepermese.it“.

Igor has directed many other important magazines and is currently collaborating with several Italian newspapers and magazines also with reports from the world.


In 2003 Igor wrote the following books “Prove tecniche di comunicazione” (“Technical Communication Tests”) with a preface by Mario Morcellini which was used as a textbook in several University faculties and “Il ComuniCattivo e la sua vena creativa” (Guerini e Associati editore).

In 2005 Igor released for Baldini Castoldi Dalai “Come ammazzare il tempo senza farlo soffrire” (“How to kill time without making it suffer”) with a preface by Alberto Bevilacqua, Domenico De Masi and the honorary president of the Accademia della Crusca Francesco Sabatini.

In 2009 De Agostini published “Felici come mosche in un paese di stitici” (“As happy as flies in the country of the constipated”).

In May 2009 Utet published Igor’s second University textbook “Comunicare, un successo” (“To communicate, a success!”) that saw the participation of 47 great personalities from the world of information and communication.
The prefaces were by Lorenzo Boca, former president of the Italian Journalist association; Massimo Egidi, headmaster of Luiss; Alessandro Finazzi Agrò, former headmaster of the University of Tor Vergata in Rome and Giovanni Puglisi, headmaster of Iulm.

In 2014 Igor published as an author and publisher “Italia supposta – Una Repubblica fondata sulla prostata” (“Italian suppository – A Republic founded on the prostate”), the first project of Italian booktherapy with a preface by Raffaele Morelli.

In April 2020 he published the biography “Alberto Sordi secret” (Rubbettino publisher), the first book on the private life of the great actor of whom he is a cousin. The volume, also in ebook version (the first autographed digital book ever made so far), has the preface by Gianni Canova, rector and professor of History of Cinema and Filmology at IULM University (International University of Languages ​​and Media) in Milan.


Between 1986 and 1989, Igor was an author and a presenter for Videomusic, the first music television programme in Europe, part of the cast of the show “Crazy Time”, conducted by Clive Malcolm Griffiths and Rick Hutton.
In 1992 and 1993 he was the author and the conductor of many programs and documentaries on artistical and historical topics broadcasted by Rai Tre.

From 2001 to 2003 he was the author for RaiDue, together with Mariolina Sattanino, of the live special event for the International Days of Studies promoted by the Pio Manzù Foundation. Still for Raidue, in 2004 and in 2005, he was the writer and presenter of “Futura city”, a show about the new technologies.

Every Sunday between 2004 and 2007, inside the programme “Tg1 libri” on RaiUno, Igor was the writer the conductor of “Aforisma del ComuniCattivo”.

For Tg2 “Costume e società” he was responsible for news reports about new trends in Italy.

For Tg1, he made a lot of journalistic news reports about Italians’ relationship with culture and technology.

Since 2012 up to now, on RaiDue, inside the program “Tg2Insieme”, Igor has been the writer and the presenter of “ComuniCattivo in Tv”, a programme about the television world.

Igor is often invited to participate in many important radio and TV shows as a special guest, being one of the most famous Italian “communicators”.


Igor performed in the Pupi Avati movies “Il papà di Giovanna” with Silvio Orlando, Francesca Neri and Ezio Greggio and “Gli amici del bar Margherita” with Diego Abatantuono, Laura Chiatti, Luigi Lo Cascio and Fabio De Luigi.

TV FICTION SERIES (for RAI and Mediaset)

Igor acted in the prime time TV fiction series for Canale 5, produced byTaodue Films, “Distretto di Polizia 7”(on Canale 5), “R.I.S. 4–Delitti imperfetti” and “Intelligence” with Raoul Bova. Then for RaiUno as an actor in “Mio figlio – Altre storie per il commissario Vivaldi” with Lando Buzzanca, in “Un medico in famiglia” with Giulio Scarpati and in “Un matrimonio” directed by Pupi Avati.


For Stream, in 2001, Igor was a writer and an actor for the sitcom “An ice family” with Clive Malcolm Griffiths.
In 2009, for RaiDue, he played the role of a history teacher in the sitcom “7 vite” produced by Publispei.


Igor was part of the board of directors of Co.Re.Rat (regional committee for radio and TV services) of the autonomous Region Valle d’Aosta. He was also a member of the Observatory for the radio and TV communication “Sguardo giovane” created by the national Ministry of Communication.


In 2005, for his ground-breaking and innovative language, Igor received the national award for culture and journalism “Penna d’oro” in the Arts and Literature section.

In 2006 he received the“Grand Prix Corallo Città di Alghero” for experimenting a modern language that merges information and culture with irony and entertainment.

On the 6th of November 2007, in Bologna, on the occasion of Com.P.A., the European salon of public communication,
for his original and innovative infotainment programs , Igor received the international award “Euromediterraneo”, given to the best National and International projects aimed at improvement and development of communication in the Mediterranean area.
In 2010 “Il ComuniCattivo” was awarded to him in Paris with a bronze medal (out of 90 contestants) on this occasion the Urti Radio Grand Contest, one of the very few and most prestigious international radio contests.

In 2010 Igor received a medal by the President of the Italian Deputy of Chambers in charge of the National Social and Cultural Communication for his innovative radio and TV communication techniques that have helped improve the cultural level of the whole Italian population from North to South, young to old, including many Italians living abroad, who, thanks to Righetti, have found new interest and love for their own native language.
Igor has also been awarded for having given a strong impulse to the study of the Italian language to numerous foreign students from 5 different nations (Australia, Spain, United States of America, France and The United Kingdom) all of which are studying and learning the Italian language thanks to his radio show “Il ComuniCattivo”.

In 2017, in Florence, he was awarded the Apoxiomeno international prize for journalism and communication. In this edition, the prestigious recognition was also conferred on the Oscar winner Colin Firth, Gina Lollobrigida and the composer Franco Micalizzi.


On the 26th of July 2008 Igor was awarded the “Leggio d’oro- National Award for dubbing speakers” as “The Voice of the Year, the most representative Voice of the radio information”.

This award, established in 1995, is promoted by the Arts and Art performing Department of Endas, under the patronage of the Ministry of the Cultural Heritage and Activities, and, in the past, has been won by very prestigious artists, including Alberto Sordi, Renato and Rossella Izzo, Oreste Lionello, Claudio Bisio, Tonino Accolla and Roberto Chevalier.